Darrell Dow On Trump/Pence Blunder (And More On Impeachment Risk)
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H/T pic One Old Vet

In response to my blog last night Trump/Pence: Blunder Or Betrayal? Darrell Dow of The Dow Blog, from which we have drawn valuable material in the past, kindly posted on my Facebook feed an amplification which merits sharing:

I agree with Patrick Cleburne, Pence is a bad choice. Pence differs with Trump on immigration, trade, and foreign policy—the very core of Trump's nationalist/America First message that has propelled him to this point. Moreover, Pence showed during the debate over religious liberty provisions in Indiana that he is not ready for prime time. I hope that I am wrong, but I don't see him holding up under the scrutiny he will receive in a fiery baptism courtesy of a hostile press corps. Finally, Pence is a standard Koch brothers/Wall Street Journal/Forbes Magazine conservative. He represents what is wrong with the GOP and why it needed to be routed. Trump would have been much better picking a loyal supporter who challenges the smelly orthodoxies of a dying "conservative" movement (e.g. Jeff Sessions).

Thanks, Darrell.

I was surprised looking at the comments on the VDARE.com FaceBooking of the article how many people fail to grasp that impeachment is a political, not a judicial proceeding. One man posted

If obammy hasn't been impeached by now, trump will never be impeached.

This is TOTALLY WRONG. An impeachment is analogous to a vote of No Confidence in the British House of Commons, not a criminal trial. A man could be impeached for the color of his tie. It is normal to wrap an impeachment up in legal grievances because usually that is needed to muster the votes.

Trump is not usual!

I expect Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham and the other RATS are already formulating the Bill of Impeachment. And if you think the Democrats will not support it, you have not been watching the pure hatred spewed into the MSM about Trump in the past year. Nominating someone far preferable to the Washington gang for Vice President is absolutely begging them to try it. That is why it was imperative to choose someone even less acceptable, like Ted Cruz, Mo Brooks or Kris Kobach.

Did Trump pay for this advice?



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