Craig Ferguson, Mitt Romney, And Your "New Mexican Overlords"
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March 01, 2012, 09:53 PM
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Scottish Immigrant Craig  Ferguson does the Late Late Show, and  a recent routine [Video, February 28th, 2012]had him pointing out that Romney might have had a rough time in Michigan because of this anti-bailout oped he did (screenshot):
Let Detroit Go Bankrupt
This is a real Op-Ed, [NYT, November 18, 2008] and Romney was right to oppose the Auto Bailout, see Michelle Malkins latest on the subject. Then Ferguson points out that the following Romney Op-Ed would cause problems in in Arizona(screenshot):

New Latino Overlords

This of course, is fictional, a "Not-True-Thing" as Ferguson puts it, for comedic effect—Romney did not do an Op-Ed saying to Arizona "Accept Your New Mexican Overlords", and he won the Arizona Primary.

One reason he won Arizona is that "Accept Your New Mexican Overlords" really is  Newt Gingrich`s position—see Newt Gingrich: The Aspiring Americano President, b

To a lesser extent it`s the position of Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. It was certainly Bush`s position for eight years.

It`s also the position of Barack Obama and Eric Holder`s Justice Department, who have sued Arizona for resisting their "New Mexican Overlords."

I wouldn't want you to think that the Craig Ferguson show was mostly about politics. It`s really about interviewing regular people like morning show host  Carrie Keagan. Click  the screenshot for more pictures of her:

Craig Ferguson And Carrie Keagan Discussing Produce

Craig Ferguson  is a fine example of an immigrant who`s become an American citizen, but CBS didn't need to import a Scotsman to chat up Carrie Keagan. (CBS Cares!) Chatting with Carrie Keagan is not a job Americans won`t do.