Craig Ferguson, Mitt Romney, And Your "New Mexican Overlords"
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Scottish Immigrant Craig  Ferguson does the Late Late Show, and  a recent routine [Video, February 28th, 2012]had him pointing out that Romney might have had a rough time in Michigan because of this anti-bailout oped he did (screenshot):
Let Detroit Go Bankrupt
This is a real Op-Ed, [NYT, November 18, 2008] and Romney was right to oppose the Auto Bailout, see Michelle Malkins latest on the subject. Then Ferguson points out that the following Romney Op-Ed would cause problems in in Arizona(screenshot):

New Latino Overlords

This of course, is fictional, a "Not-True-Thing" as Ferguson puts it, for comedic effect—Romney did not do an Op-Ed saying to Arizona "Accept Your New Mexican Overlords", and he won the Arizona Primary.

One reason he won Arizona is that "Accept Your New Mexican Overlords" really is  Newt Gingrich's position—see Newt Gingrich: The Aspiring Americano President, b

To a lesser extent it's the position of Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. It was certainly Bush's position for eight years.

It's also the position of Barack Obama and Eric Holder's Justice Department, who have sued Arizona for resisting their "New Mexican Overlords."

I wouldn't want you to think that the Craig Ferguson show was mostly about politics. It's really about interviewing regular people like morning show host  Carrie Keagan. Click  the screenshot for more pictures of her:

Craig Ferguson And Carrie Keagan Discussing Produce

Craig Ferguson  is a fine example of an immigrant who's become an American citizen, but CBS didn't need to import a Scotsman to chat up Carrie Keagan. (CBS Cares!) Chatting with Carrie Keagan is not a job Americans won't do.

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