Ombudsman: There Is “No Statutory Basis” For Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty—Oooppps!
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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has admitted that the ongoing Obama Regime Admininstrative Amnesty, first exposed by my  blog, is without legal basis.  In a report from the designated illegal alien representative, the CIS Ombudsman, has stated categorically that there is no legal basis for the USCIS practice of granting illegal aliens "deferred action" and employment authorization, the foundation of the Regime's current amnesty.

Memorandum from Prakash Khatri, CIS Ombudsman, to Emilio T. Gonzalez, Director, USCIS  April 6, 2007

Recommendation from the CIS Ombudsman to the Director, USCIS 

Deferred action is a discretionary form of relief provided for by the District Director’s recommendation to the Regional Director.1 There is no statutory basis for deferred action, but the regulations reference this form of relief and provide a brief description: “[D]eferred action, an act of administrative convenience to the government which gives some cases lower priority….”2 Where USCIS grants a request for deferred action, the foreign national is provided employment authorization.3

Case closed, cat out of bag.  Impeachment is the only action for these years of lawlessness. 


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