Antonovich Raises Anchor Baby Costs Again. Where Is Congressional GOP?
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Antonovich in California: One Patriotic voice, at least...


The Treason Lobby has been running riot in California since stupidly Hispandering Meg Whitman lost the gubernatorial race to Jerry Brown. Today Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich cites another example in  Providing Driver Licenses to One Who Has Broken Federal Law so One Can Drive “Legally”- Is an Oxymoron 01 March 2012

What’s disappointing is that three law enforcement officials, L.A. City Police Chief Charlie Beck, Sheriff Lee Baca and L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, have turned a blind eye to enforcing the law by supporting the idea.
Antonovich goes on to his trademark topic
In Los Angeles County, children of illegal immigrants born here are receiving over $642 million a year for welfare and food stamps. In an ICE survey of Los Angeles County jails, illegal immigrants annually cost taxpayers over $550 million. Our costs for medical services exceed $500 million. This is $1.7 billion — not including the cost of education.
which I have previously noticed here and here.

Remember when the GOP was supposed to be using its control of the House to do something about this scandal?

Is there really any point in re electing these losers?

H/T One Old Vet

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