CounterPunch: Republicans "Lynched" The Election
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I saw this when it was retweeted by novelist Joyce Carol Oates...of course.

To answer the cartoonist's concerns:

  • Gerrymandering comes from the Voting Rights Act. If there were no mandated "majority-minority" districts, there would be fewer  minority politicians in Congress, because they're a minority.
  • Voter ID not only prevents the poor and feckless from voting, it prevents ineligible voters from voting. Democrats have their own plan—let the illegals and felons vote, and disenfranchise regular Americans
  • Fewer polling places and hours in minority neighborhoods are caused by minority dysfunction—there are longer lines for everything in minority neighborhoods. Poll workers in minority neighborhoods are minorities.
  • "The People Have Spoken"—turnout, in the end, is about who cares about their government enough to show up and vote.  Pat Buchanan wrote recently "We are told that of six members of the Ferguson city council only one is black, while two-thirds of Ferguson’s population is black. Yet, last week, we learned that the black voter turnout in local elections in Ferguson in 2013 was 6 percent." It's not the GOP's fault that blacks and Hispanics aren't interested in voting.

As for how they GOP is supposed to have "lynched" the election, I don't even want to look. Does it involve the GOP rioting in the streets, burning and looting? No? Then go away.

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