Coulter-Paul Follow-Ups: Ann Coulter Gets It On Legal Immigration
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Just a couple of footnotes to my column on Ann Coulter and Rand Paul:

1. Ann Coulter has spoken about legal immigration.  As Peter Brimelow noted, her CPAC speech last Saturday included a good sharp kick in the pants to Ted Kennedy's horrible 1965 Immigration Act.

2. Another reader sent me this:  Ann speaking on The Kudlow Report in August of 2011:

No more immigration, legal or otherwise, of low-wage workers.  We'll have high-school kids working . . . We'll have people who have never worked before.

3. Ann Corcoran from Refugee Resettlement Watch reminds me of how bold Rand Paul was in exposing the case of those Iraqi refugee terrorists in Kentucky two years ago.

Paul was my hero, here and here  when he demanded hearings and held up some funding for refugee resettlement in the wake of the terrorist arrests in Bowling Green, Kentucky here in June 2011.

That of course was before Paul got swallowed up by the immigration-boosting sinkhole.  Ann speculates that the Kentucky meatpacking employers got to him; so perhaps it is all down to campaign-cash corruption.  What a fallen world!

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