Coulter-Hannity Transcript: Ann Forcing Not Just Legal Immigration, But A Moratorium, Into Public Debate
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Fox News has just obligingly posted a "rush transcript" of Sean Hannity's Tuesday night interview with Ann Coulter about her new book Adios America!:  Ann Coulter sounds off on immigration policies in new book 'Adios, America'.

Main Stream Media Leftists still seem to be dumbfounded at any criticism of legal, as opposed to illegal, immigration e.g. Ann Coulter goes full nativist: Illegal immigrants aren’t the problem — all immigrants are by Scott Kaufman, Salon, June 2, 2015.

But readers should note that Ann also says flatly "We need an absolute immigration moratorium." This, of course, has been position since we began, but for reasons that have long baffled me even immigration patriots have been afraid to mention this obvious solution.

Ann Coulter, of course, is not afraid. As a result, when I googled "immigration moratorium" at 5:56 today, Ann has joined in dominating the results.

What a patriotic service she is rendering.



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