Coronavirus Reminds The Planet That Borders Are A Great Idea
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As the coronavirus spreads around the world, we should notice how the openness of travel has been facilitated the spread of the illness. Borders are our friends when contagion is on the loose — even though the current panic is largely an overblown media concoction, according to Dr. Drew Pinsky.

But the next communicable disease may be more deadly, so returning to a more orderly, borderly world would be a good idea. President Trump’s shutdown of foreigner travel from Red China to the US was definitely the right move to block the coronavirus entry here, although he was accused of xenophobia for protecting the American people at the time.

China watcher Gordon Chang agreed with Gregg Jarrett that border restrictions are a good idea during an interview on Fox Business last week:

GREGG JARRETT: Do more countries need to start closing their borders?

GORDON CHANG: I think so. You know, President Trump at the end of January imposed those travel restrictions on China and the quarantine, and that’s the only reason why we do not have an emergency today. That’s not to say it won’t spread in the US because it is, but at least we’ve bought some time. And I think we can do the same thing with some other countries, preventing some travelers from coming here. That will help us a lot.

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