Coronavirus Continues to Spread in Mexico
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The COVID-19 Coronavirus arrived in Mexico a month after its arrival in the United States, but it continues to spread in Mexico.  According the Worldometer stats of May 28, Mexico has had 81,486 COVID-19 cases  and 9,060  deaths from the virus. 

So the Mexican coronavirus death has more than quadrupled  the secret prediction made in a March Mexican cabinet meeting, which was leaked to the media, that the maximum amount of persons in Mexico to die from COVID-19 would be 2000.  

Worldwide, Mexico is #16 in total cases and #8 in total deaths from COVID-19. 

The U.S., meanwhile, has had 1,780,325 cases and  104,147 deaths. 

Mexico has had 606 coronavirus cases per million while the U.S. has had 5329 per million.  In the death count, the U.S. has had 312 deaths per million and Mexico has had 67 deaths per million. 

Some believe however that COVID-19 has been underreported in Mexico. 

Mark Stevenson of the Associated Press reported last week that “A registry of death certificates in Mexico City suggests there were 4,577 cases where doctors mentioned coronavirus or COVID-19 as a possible or probable cause of death, more than three times the official death toll in the city.  The federal government acknowledges only 1,332 confirmed deaths in Mexico City since the pandemic began, less than a third as many as the investigation revealed.” [Mexico City virus deaths triple official toll, group says, May 19, 2020]

As far as Mexicans dying of coronavirus outside of Mexico, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reported on May 26 that 1,066 Mexicans have died in the the United States, the majority of them (676) in New York. 

Outside of Mexico and the United States, there have been 97 reported cases of Mexicans with COVID-19, and seven deaths.

Ebrard also reported that Mexico has organized flights to repatriate Mexicans in other countries back to Mexico, and has thus far brought back 13,175 Mexicans to Mexico [Versión estenográfica de la conferencia de prensa matutina | Martes 26 de mayo de 2020 ("Stenographic Version of the Morning Press Conference of March 26, 2020"), Mexican Presidential Website, May 26,2020].

It's still prudent to keep the U.S.-Mexican border as tight as possible, for the good of both countries. 


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