Conrad Black's Pardon And The Headline "Black Charged With Crime"
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Mark Steyn has a note on President Trump's pardon of Canadian media figure Conrad Black, which features a touch of Trump's great style:

This week, after a travesty of justice and (in effect) two prison terms, Conrad Black finally received his long overdue presidential pardon:

When my assistant said there was a call from the White House, I picked up, said "Hello" and started to ask if this was a prank (suspecting my friends in the British tabloid media), but the caller spoke politely over me: "Please hold for the president." Two seconds later probably the best-known voice in the world said "Is that the great Lord Black?"

In today's National Post (the Canadian newspaper that he founded and I spent five very happy years writing for) I give my own take on the remarkable battle Conrad fought against America's disgusting and corrupt federal "justice" system:[More]

Black was obviously railroaded, a typical case of prosecutorial overrreach, which we've been writing about for years. (See, earlier, Mark Steyn, Conrad Black, And Steyn's New Book.) However, it brings up something else I've I've been writing about for years.

When Conrad Black was arrested in 2005 the headline was  Black charged with fraud, [by Barbara Shecter, National Post, November 18, 2005.] I noted at the time that almost never see such a headline, except when it's actually a white guy.

In fact, when Corrine Brown, (left—"Congresswoman Charged") got five years for fraud in 2017, I said you will never see a headline that says “Black Congressman Arrested For Bribery.” The only time I saw a headline that read “Black Charged With Fraud,” it was Conrad Black, and as far as I know, he wasn't  even guilty.

The President apparently agrees.



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