Reporting On Race, Again
December 13, 2005, 03:45 AM
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In the Australian riot story below, we observed the principle that if a white person attacks a black person, race is the first thing mentioned. If the reverse is the case, much more frequent, it`s considered wrong even to mention it.

Remember Congressman Mel Reynolds? I will quote myself, here:"You never mention anyone`s race, sex, or immigration status if you can avoid it. I just found out, five years after I first heard of him being sent away for having sex with an underage girl, that Congressman Mel Reynolds is black.No one mentioned it, so I didn`t know until I came across a story where he mentioned it himself."

Reynolds blamed racism for the charge, saying ``When they shackle me, like they shackled my slave ancestors and take me off to jail, nobody in this room will see me crawl." But if he hadn`t mentioned it, no news story would.

That`s why I was so startled (and amused) by this headline: Black charged with fraud, [By Barbara Shecter, National Post, November 18, 2005] But no! It`s not what you think, it`s a actually a white guy.