Kiernan Brown: "Michigan Man" Charged With Beating Two Girls To Death Is ACTUAL Michigan Man
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When you hear from the professional fact-obscurers of the MSM that a "Michigan Man" is accused of doing something, you always wonder if it's a Dearbornistan Michigan Man (I. E. Arab terrorist) a Detroit, Michigan Man (I. E. black criminal) or an "appeared in court with a translator" Michigan Man (I. E. Guatemala Man.)

In this case, however, Kiernan Brown seems to be a genuine Michigan Man:

A man has been charged in the killings of two women who were found fatally beaten after he showed cellphone photos of their bodies to sheriff's deputies during a traffic stop in central Michigan.

Kiernan Brown, of Delta Township, was arraigned Tuesday on two counts each of open murder and armed robbery. He entered not guilty pleas and was ordered held without bond.

The 27-year-old is accused in the deaths of 26-year-old Kaylee Ann Brock, of Holt, and 32-year-old Julie Ann Mooney, of Williamston. Police found their bodies Friday in Lansing-area communities.

Authorities say Brown was arrested early Friday on Interstate 69, after an ex-girlfriend reported that he had been violating a personal protection order by banging on her door and sending disturbing texts. She is not among the victims.

The Daily Mail and have more. Two points from's Five Fast Facts that strike me as important are these:

2. He Served 3 1/2 Years in Prison, the Minimum End of a 20-Year Sentence, After Strangling His Girlfriend, Hitting Her in the Throat & Cutting Her Legs With a Knife, Records Show

3. Brown Previously Told a Case Worker He Wanted to Be a Serial Killer

So why was he out at all? Probably something something mass incarceration.

What aren't they telling us, since they don't have a race and immigration angle to cover up? Probably marijuana psychosis. As Alex Berenson has shown in the book Tell Your Children, the media really don't want to tell you that the mad killer smoked a lot of marijuana. See Ann Coulter's Media Pot Reporting—Just Don't Call Us Uncool! and There Really Are "High Crimes"  for more.

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