Congressman Gohmert Questions Speaker Ryan’s Agenda
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On Tuesday, open-borders globalist Paul Ryan was unanimously nominated to be Speaker of the House for another term even though he has strongly opposed Donald Trump’s policies of immigration enforcement and restructuring anti-American trade deals.

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert had a few words with Ryan during the caucus meeting about the Speaker’s agenda versus that of the President-elect. Gohmert fears that Ryan will not provide strong leadership for Trump’s pro-sovereignty policies. He discussed those issues on Fox Business Network on Wednesday.

FBN host Ashley Webster asked, “Is this party really as unified as Paul Ryan would have us believe?”

Gohmert responded, “I would like to think that it is but and Politico was not accurate: I was not yelling at Paul Ryan yesterday. I was forcefully making my position known, but it may have felt like my voice is getting loud, but my point was that for all of Paul’s career since I’ve been here he has supported trade agreements, he totally supported the TPP, wrote an article about it, co-wrote it, then he as far as what I would call amnesty and some call it not, he has supported some form of amnesty since I’ve been aware of him.

So I wanted to hear from Paul how all of a sudden two of the most important planks in Trump’s platform were going to be able to be carried out by a guy who has been totally 180 degrees opposed to those positions. And all I got was, you know, give me a call and we’ll talk about it. I had hoped in front of the whole conference to talk about these things.” [Spare video]

Paul Ryan could do a lot to thwart Trump’s agenda of advancing pro-American policies since the Speaker sets the legislative agenda. Ryan sounded grateful when he praised Trump for bringing so many Republicans into the Congress, but there’s no telling how long that appreciation will last.

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