Colorado Gov. Owens Signs Immigration Bills....!!!
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Colorado Gov. "Barrio" Bill Owens (RINO) signed the last of two immigration bills passed by the State legislature on Tuesday.[Owens signs two immigration measures| New State Patrol unit, employer checks mandated, By Myung Oak Kim, Rocky Mountain News, June 7, 2006]

Truth is, if Owens had vetoed either, he would have faced an increasingly vocal, angry and fickle faction of Republicans aligning with swing-voter Constitutionalists, progressives, patriots and environmentalists fed up with any and all alien-izing antics. Senate President pro tem, African-American Peter Groff (D) sponsored SB 06-225 ("State Patrol Human Smuggling"), which funds up to 24 Colorado State Patrol officers charged with enforcing new laws that make human smuggling and trafficking on State highways a felony. HB 06-1343 ("Illegal Aliens-Public Contracts for Services"), sponsored by European-American Rep. Bill Crane (R-Arvada) requires companies seeking State/County/City/public entity contracts to verify employee immigration status, with financial penalties for scofflaws. Owens earlier approved other bills aimed at illegal aliens — notably SB 06-90, sponsored by Tom Wiens (R-Castle Rock) that prohibits Sanctuary Cities from blocking local police/sheriff cooperation with ICE, and includes possible financial penalties for failure to comply. (All bills are posted at )

Since last month's messy convention, Colorado's Republican Party is struggling to contain a public power struggle between gubernatorial candidates Congressman Bob Beauprez, a CAFTA supporter newly converted to immigration control, and Marc Holtzman — who positioned himself early on as tough on illegal immigration. Holtzman is poised to go to Court to secure a primary runoff.

In the meantime, Lame Duck Owens appears to be grooming himself for a private sector job aiding and abetting his buddy "W" and the scandalous Senators (SB 2611) in their scheme to increase US-based foreign-born workers and enact their treasonous shamnesty scheme.

Personally, I hope Gov. "B.O." instead elects to spend more time with his family, whoever that includes. Bill, it chokes me up to say this, but thanks...for the signatures. Terry Graham

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