Colonization Of San Francisco By China's Underclass
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The nature of immigration to the United States has again be accidentally exposed by the Cultural Marxist press. Evictions in San Francisco are up caused by the tech boom. Despite the old-school Marxist rent control laws in San Francisco, the poor are obviously being driven out. The techies have contributed to lowering San Francisco's crime rate by driving the once large black population out of the city.

However, the tech boom has exposed another aspect of San Francisco, the long running colonization of San Francisco by China's underclass. Jin-shan, the Golden Mountain, has long been a destination of Chinese immigrants. Before the welfare state, it was where the previous Chinese wave of immigration arrived, made its money, then moved on to the suburbs.

But there slowly developed an ugly underbelly of immigration. That class of immigrants who could not make it. Now the City and County of San Francisco, and its tax-payers, as well as those of America, are increasingly stuck with the failures.

SF Gate October 26, 2013 by Kevin Fagan
Tech Boom Forcing Longtime S.F. Family Out Of Home
The underside of the tech-fueled housing boom sweeping San Francisco burst noisily to the surface Wednesday when hundreds of protesters blocked the doorway to a weather-beaten building near Nob Hill to resist the eviction of an elderly Chinese American couple and their disabled daughter...
The eight-unit complex at the corner of Jackson and Larkin streets had been emptied over the past year of all occupants except for the Lee family, which has lived in their two-bedroom apartment for 34 years.
Poon Heung Lee, an 80-year-old retired hotel housekeeper, said he can't find anything to equal the $778 he pays monthly for his rent-controlled home, so his intention was to rebuff sheriff's deputies if they showed up to carry out the vacate order due to be served Wednesday.
A crowd of more than 200 housing-rights activists and community leaders spent the morning and early afternoon chanting and waving signs in the normally quiet neighborhood, promising to be arrested if necessary to block the eviction.
"I have no idea where we can live if we have to leave here," Lee said, speaking in Cantonese through an interpreter as he stood in his apartment with his 74-year-old wife, Gum Gee Lee. "We're hoping not to sleep in the street."
The couple's 48-year-old mentally disabled daughter, Shiuman Lee, lives with them. According to, the average rent in San Francisco for a two-bedroom apartment is $3,206 - more than the Lees, who mostly live on Social Security checks, could afford.

Despite living in the United States for over 34 years, they have no English language skills and are living on Social Security. This is the face of unskilled immigration. This is a problem that can be avoided as Singapore does. Non-skilled workers are only temporary there, here they are permanent, permanent wards of the State.

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