Cologne: Fallout Continues after New Year's Eve Jihad against Women
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The disturbing New Year’s Muslim mob attacks on women in Cologne has caused the police chief to be suspended. There were police to be seen in photos of events, but they did not appear to be protecting women from theft and groping from large gangs of Muslim men (some number of whom turned out to be Angela Merkel’s new diversity recruits).

More than a week after New Years, reports of migrant mob savagery keep accumulating. As of January 9, “Cologne police said they have now recorded 379 cases of New Year’s Eve violence — ranging from groping to theft to two reported rapes — with asylum seekers and illegal migrants making up the majority of suspects.” (AFP)

Furthermore, Cologne wasn’t the only city experiencing diverse attacks against women; in fact mob sex assaults occurred in several European nations.


The events seemed too massive and spread out not to be planned. The young male illegal aliens are hooked in on the internet, as was noted by the New York Times in “A 21st Century Migrant’s Essentials: Food, Shelter, Smartphone.”. So it stands to reason that a New Years project of assaulting hundreds of despised western women (whom Muslims regard as whores) would be spread on social media.

Whatever the mode of organization, authorities should regard the attacks as a blueprint for future, even more violent jihad. Imagine the November 13 mass murder in Paris of 130 innocents with hundreds of attackers rather than a handful.

The stories of women brave enough to speak out shocked the public.

People seemed surprised by the barbaric event, but they shouldn’t have been. The Norwegian blogger Fjordman reported in 2005, Immigrants Rape Wave in Sweden (pictured) and also noted the official reaction at that time: Muslim Rape Epidemic in Sweden and Norway – Authorities Look the Other Way.

Then, as now, even hostile diversity is preferred by elites over women’s safety.

On Saturday, thousands of Germans turned out on Saturday in Cologne to protest the attacks on women. Funny thing, there were plenty of cops available on that occasion, unlike New Year’s Eve. In fact, Breitbart reports that 143 officers were on duty to protect the peace on New Years, while 1500 were deployed for the anti-rape protest.


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