CIS 10 Question Citizenship Quiz Show
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Ben Arnoldy at the Christian Science Monitor writes about the upcoming new US citizenship exam:

The US government... plans to roll out a new pilot test this winter.

It will continue to be an oral test, conducted in English, and will have 10 questions. Six correct answers will earn a passing grade. But the content, which is tightly under wraps, is expected to shun simple historical facts about America that can be recounted in a few words for more explanation about the principles of American democracy, such as freedom. [ note: This, of course, represents the ideology of the "Proposition Nation," as opposed to—in fact, very much opposed to, the historical American nation.]

Now, given the fact that US citizenship rights are worth at least $100,000, even under the recent idiotic leadership of the US government, I think there will be no shortage of folks willing to smile and say the right things to get those rights. Still the question is the overall selection criteria really doing anything to ensure the US gets a set of new citizens that means the US is a better country for its existing citizens or a greater force for good in the world as whole? I seriously question that.

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