Saudis Say Jump, Colorado AG Complies
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Colorado Attorney General John Suthers flew to Saudi Arabia this past week to "explain" how Homaidan Al-Turki came to be sentenced to state prison for slavery-related charges. (Saudis officially outlawed slavery in the 1960s, but old habits are hard to break, apparently.) convicted slaver Homaidan Al-Turki

Say, don't the citizens of Colorado require Mr. Suthers' time and attention? Don't we have a State Department to deal with foreign relations, and isn't Condi paid the big bucks to hold hands with the Saudi royals in Bush's stead?

But when the Saudi overlords squawk, the Bush government jumps [Suthers reassures Saudis, Rocky Mountain News, 11/18/06].

Suthers sat knee-to-knee for an hour with King Abdullah and also met with Crown Prince Sultan, Saudi journalists and relatives of Al-Turki during his weeklong trip to the capital city of Riyadh, Deputy Attorney General Jason Dunn said Friday.

"There was a lot of public attention in Saudi Arabia on this case," Dunn said, adding that "misperceptions" there about the U.S. judicial system and Colorado in particular convinced U.S. officials that the highly unusual trip was warranted.

In June, Al-Turki was convicted in Arapahoe County of 12 counts of unlawful sexual contact with force, one count of theft of services over $15,000, false imprisonment and conspiracy. He was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison.

The Saudis apparently believe they can live in this country and not be subject to its laws. Al-Turki declared at trial that he was innocent, and the Saudi royals took up his cause, even though Saudis admit they are habitual liars. Islam accepts lying to infidels anyway, a practice known as Taqiyya.

It should concern all Americans that visas given to Saudis doubled in number in just the past year, for increased Saudi students and for other purposes from tourism to medical care.

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