Good News on Immigration Control from (by accident).
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While masquerades as a Conservative opinion clearing house, it has long been obvious that it is really being managed as Bush Administration/GOP Establishment echo chamber. Most of the columnists are what I referred to the other day as “Pilot Fish” for the Inside-the -Beltway leadership. Paul Craig Roberts and the late Sam Francis were banned; I believe Pat Buchanan has been censored sometimes. Quite why not-very-covert Reconquista Ruben Navarrette Jr. has been picked up as a columnist is mysterious; but it has one great virtue: the articulate ferocity of the hostile comments posted on the discussion threads following his pieces. Escondido and others have it wrong on immigration Sunday November 19, 2006 is the usual arrogant demand that America lie back and enjoy being violated into becoming a Latino slum. A few comments from the thread:

- I am getting my hours cut at my job right know because they hired a guy from Honduras who makes $12.00 an hour and I make $14.00. This guy can't say ten words in English. We all use short wave radios at work, but he doesn't because he can't understand what we say to him. And he's going to replace me. And you’re going to tell me this is a self inflicted wound -That's it I’m done. I swear on my dead dad’s grave, I’m never coming back to this website again. If these people were flooding the country to become columnists and replace you, I bet you would think differently. -I thought Townhall was a website for conservative thought. This article is pure liberal propaganda. -The fact is that most of us have no influence at all on the Federal problem of illegal immigration. But it's a clear fact that if in our own towns we don't allow them to rent apartments or buy property, register to vote or driving licenses, put their children in school, sign up for 'benefits' or speak Spanish in default of English, they'll have to go somewhere else. When it works in one town, the next town in line will try it and find it works for them too. And before you know it, word gets out that in this state they don't make it pleasant for illegals— go somewhere else. -The so-called cheap labor these people provide is heavily subsidized by the taxpayer. We provide them with free medical care, free K-12 education for their children (who are automatically citizens if born here), heavily subsided college educations for their children, and lots more. Middle class wage earners pay dearly for all this.

Linda Chavez’ recent pro-Amnesty spin on the election Immigration bust Thursday November 9, 2006 attracted similar overwhelming denunciation (perhaps not quite as vitriolic – Linda’s style is not as obnoxious.) Also of interest is the poor grades Townhall's readers give pro-immigration columns (displayed in each writers archive). When pro – immigration propaganda like this generates such huge quantities of well informed, articulate and angry opposition, as it invariably does nowadays when threads are offered, one has to wonder how long the Treason Lobby can keep the peasantry repressed. And how long Townhall will allow comments.

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