Chris Christie Bids For AdelZuck Nomination With "No Borders" Immigration Policy
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Border Fence Works 100% For Israel - but Christie forbids for America (H/T

Somewhere out in cyberspace I saw this morning a succinct summary of what Chris Christie intended to say about immigration in his meetings in Florida and South Carolina this week. From different sources:
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says there are not enough local, county, state and federal law enforcement officers to deport all the immigrants who are in the country illegally.

He says they're not going to deport themselves, and people who want to get over, under or around a fence will always find the will and spirit to do so.

The 2016 Republican presidential prospect says a new approach is needed, and he proposes making it mandatory that employers use the E-Verify system to determine whether potential employees can legally work.

This is from an AP news summary entitled Bush on NSA surveillance lapse June 2, 2015. US News & World Report is more direct: Chris Christie: No Border Fence by David Catanese June 2, 2015
The solution to the country's immigration issues is “not building a wall or fence on the entire border," Christie said during an economic summit in Florida hosted by Gov. Rick Scott. “The entire border? Absolutely not.”
For those who feel politics should be about ideas and arguments I offer three observations.
…fearful that a wave of impoverished Africans, mostly Muslims from Sudan and Christians from Eritrea, would overwhelm the Jewish nature of the state, Israel spent more than $350?million to build a 140-mile fence along its entire border with Egypt.

The steel barrier, completed in 2013, stopped illegal entry cold: More than 10,000 Africans arrived in 2012; today almost no one attempts the trip.

Israeli government to refugees: Go back to Africa or go to prison By William Booth May 14 2015

Clearly Christie has reached the same conclusion as Lindsey Graham which I noted in Lindsey Graham (Traitor – SC) Confirms: AdelZuck, Not GOP Primary, What Matters.

The GOP nomination being decided by a tiny group of plutocrats (the “AdelZucks”) who from behind inside their gated communities and doormen buildings loath and despise the historic American nation.

So Christie is offering them the No Borders policy already adopted by the Democrats - because it will destroy America

Poor America.

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