CBP Ordered To Drop COVID Interviews
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Border Patrol agents have been ordered not to ask the illegal aliens they process at the border about the corona virus. That report from freelance border reporter Ali Bradley should terrify Americans if what the Centers for Disease Control says is true: that the China Virus will surge this summer [Covid cases are surging again—here’s what to expect this summer, experts say, by Jade Scipioni, CNBC, May 22, 2022].

“Despite #Title42 extension—Border Agents are being directed to stop filling out the #COVID19 questionnaire for migrants,” Bradley tweeted:

Meanwhile, @CDCgov  says a “summer surge is building” w/an avg of 100k+ new US cases daily. 

The CDC is even recommending mask mandates for some CA counties.

Border Patrol Agents I talk to say they are frustrated with the guidance because Unvaccinated Border Patrol Agents are still required to undergo weekly #COVID testing.

Bradley tweeted the news over an official document: “USBP personnel will no longer be required to complete the Covid-19 interview questionnaire during processing.”

Last year, we learned that 20 percent of illegals had tested positive for the virus [Twenty percent of border crossers tested positive amid delta variant surge, 'surprised' Mayorkas says, by Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner, September 29, 2021].

That hasn’t stopped the Biden Regime from releasing almost 40 percent of the illegals whom border agents “process.”

And remember, the WuFlu is just one disease that illegals carry in, along with measles, multidrug resistant tuberculosis, and myriad other contagious and potentially fatal maladies.

Great Replacement? We’ll be lucky if we live long enough to be replaced.

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