Radio Derb Transcript Up For June 3: Pride Month, 100 Days Of Russia-Ukraine, Gun-Grabbers, And The British Death Graph, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for June 3, 2022. Go here to read or listen.

01:12  Pride Month.  (Kidnappers of words.)

08:29  Russia-Ukraine 100 days in.  (Is the Biden administration wise in restraint?)

11:22  Gun-grabbers of the Swamp.  (Gun-owners, stand firm!)

14:57  A case for bow and arrow control?  (Norway's Kevin.)

16:36  The death graph of Britain.  (Camp of the Saints come true.)

22:38  No more coal fires.  (The fire-creatures depart.)

24:45  The Depp verdict.  (Vagabonds and strumpets.)

25:39  Google does Twi.  (And Lingala, Tigrinya, …)

27:02  The looming popcorn shortage.  (Bad for November.)

27:22  Bees are fish.  (Says California court.)

29:27  Signoff.  (With an inexplicable earworm.)

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