Carolina Catastrophe: Rove-Bought NC GOP Senate Candidate below 50% of WHITE vote!
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H/T One Old Vet

In May following North Carolina’s extremely odiferous primaries (pleasant exception: the survival of Walter Jones) I asked After North Carolina: Q – Will Whites Vote For The AdelZuck Party? A – Not Enough

Establishment operative Thom Tillis and the disgusting Renee Ellmers won, and did Cheap Labor Lobby servant David Rouzer in NC 7th...

Of course the salient factor here was money as even The Washington Post noticed in Why North Carolina’s Senate primary doesn’t tell us much about the tea party’s strength by Matea Gold May 6 2014

It now appears that the answer to my question is definitely NO!!! The alert North Carolina website The Daily Haymaker reports #NCSEN: Only 45% of the white vote FOR Tillis? By Brant Clifton September 18 2014

We posted earlier about the Fox news poll of this race.  Digging into the cross-tabs led us to discover a really interesting stat.  Hagan, the Democrat, is drawing 33 percent of the white vote... Democrats tend to make up for that deficit with a huge turnout by blacks and other minorities. The astonishing thing is that Tillis, the Republican, is only drawing 45 percent of the white vote.  As a Republican, it’s TOUGH to survive politically with that kind of percentage in that demographic.

The Fox News poll shows Tillis losing to the Democrat 41%/36%.

A commenter “BorderHawk” adds

Romney got 67% of the white vote.

The Fox News poll shows Tillis losing to the Democrat 41%/36%.

Thom Tillis was massively backed by Karl Rove as the Washington Post story documents.

But there’s good news!

Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has donated $10 million to a Karl Rove-backed outfit boosting Republican Senate candidates and promised a similar amount to an allied group focused on House races, POLITICO has learned.

Sheldon Adelson cracks open checkbook for GOP By Kenneth P. Vogel Politico 9/17/14

So the good times will roll on!

From the Thom Tillis website, it appear the candidate’s main interest is fighting Middle Easteners. Great. Immigration does not feature.

As I said in May:

The sick thing is that those buying this disaster do not care. The Democrats will just as readily obey them on foreign policy and Amnesty and they prevent the otherwise inevitable evolution of the GOP into the Generic American Party – which may well be their true objective. The Consultants/Super PAC operators do not care either: they get rich in the process.

Poor America

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