Mexico Does Something Right, Threatens To Arrest Miley Cyrus For (Mexican) Flag Desecration
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So Mexico isn't really securing its own Southern border to combat the Central American invasion of the United States.  And the Mexican President is openly claiming power over vast swaths of American territory.  And the Mexican government loves to condemn Americans doing things that they do themselves.

But at least they might arrest Miley Cryus.

As Cyrus was "twerking" in the middle of a song, one of the two dancers contorting beside her used a Mexican flag to spank the oversized, false buttocks she was wearing.

Adding insult to injury: Tuesday was Mexico's Independence Day.

Mexican law is very stern on the subject of respecting the flag, the Mexican seal and national anthem: Any action "that implies contempt or lack of respect to the Homeland Symbols will be punished according to its severity and the condition of the offender."

The act of disrespecting a Mexican symbol carries a fine up to about $1,200 and three days in jail, and that's if it doesn't happen during the commission of a felony.

There's been no word about putting the international pop star in the slammer, but lawmakers in Nuevo Leon state voted unanimously Wednesday to condemn the incident.

Speaking to CNN, state Rep. Francisco Treviño said the Mexican Interior Ministry has opened an investigation at the request of the state legislature.

"I felt truly offended and annoyed by the fact that a foreign artist feels like she can come here and make fun of and mock our national flag on Independence Day, September 16th. She brazenly made fun of our flag," Treviño said.

[Miley Cyrus' Mexican flag stunt draws official condemnation, investigation, by Rafael Romo, CNN, September 18, 2014]

All kidding aside, we have to add two points —

1.  Notice the tone of stern disapproval in this and other media articles that Miley Cyrus could do something so disrespectful as fail to show enough reverence to the flag of Mexico.  If she had simply limited her usual desecration to American symbols, she would have been roundly celebrated.  And reporters would be outraged if a Republican even proposed the kinds of laws that already on the books in Mexico.

2.  If Miley Cyrus is imprisoned in Mexico, I'd actually expect the American government to do something.  After all, it's not like she's some nobody like Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi.

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