Good News: GOP Cheap Labor Lobby Servant Blows Custom-Built House District
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David Rouzer (R) with Primary foe Pantano - Votes, not just money, needed in elections.

Politico reports Rouzer concedes in N.C. By Alex Isenstadt  11/28/12
Republican David Rouzer has conceded to Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre in North Carolina’s 7th District.

With McIntyre, an eight-term incumbent maintaining a 663-vote lead over Rouzer, the Republican announced in a late Wednesday statement that he would forgo further challenges.

Republicans sought to turn McIntyre, who is one of only 14 surviving members of the conservative House Blue Dog Coalition, into one of their top targets, drawing him into a southern North Carolina district with a deep GOP voter registration advantage.

This is a straight victory for immigration Patriots. Mike McIntyre has a Numbers USA career ranking of B+ and a record this Congress of A. Rouzer was outed as a Cheap Labor Lobby servant by Ilario Pantano, his far better opponent in the Primary, who sadly lost.

In fact McIntyre actually campaigned on the issue:

McIntyre accused illegal immigrants of "stealing our jobs and using our tax dollars for their healthcare." He also attacked Republican David Rouzer of lobbying the federal government for amnesty, an issue that arose in the GOP primary.
McIntyre hits GOP rival for supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants

drawing the ineptly revealing response

Rouzer's campaign spokeswoman Jessica Wood added…David Rouzer…has shown he is willing to dive in and solve this problem on behalf of our farms and small businesses
NB no mention of American workers.

Our sometime friends ALIPAC, who worked extremely hard for Pantano in the Primary, sensibly endorsed McIntyre.

Rouzer was heavily supported by Young Guns - House Leader Eric Cantor’s vehicle.

The Democrats have no business holding the 7th.  With less Republican boundaries it voted 58% for McCain in 2008.

Dogmatic Slave Power subservience cost the GOP this seat.

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