Canadian Journalist Raped By Immigrant In France
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There  are two stories in Canada's National Post about a young Canadian woman being raped in a refugee camp (an unofficial camp of squatters) known as "The Jungle" near Calais.[Canadian journalist raped while on assignment in France, August 28, 2008, By Shane Dingman ] She went to get a story about the refugees and was raped by what the Calais prosecutor's office called "an individual who is now being sought." The French prosecutors may have been more specific about the identity of the rapist (refugees in the camp include "Afghans, Kurds, Iranians and Africans") but it rarely leaks through two layers of MSM, in this case Agence France Presse and The National Post of Canada. But it's clear that these refugees are dangerous.

Monique Delannoy, from the Belle Etoile aid group which provides meals to the migrants, told AFP: "I always advise journalists not to visit the squats, and I even discourage people working for us from going there."[Canadian journalist raped in France: Official AFP, August 28, 2008]

While the the story and headline don't make it clear that the attack was committed by an immigrant, at least they didn't say the attack was committed by a "Frenchman." In Racial Gangrape: Another Diversity Disaster By Sam Francis, seven years ago, I put in a note about a Guardian story that was headlined Gang rape on rise among French youth, [May 3, 2001] No, not French youths—North African youths in France.

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