Can Rubio Roll Talk Radio?
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graham rubio

Senators Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham. They're laughing at You.

On Monday I asked Is Rush Limbaugh Going Wobbly On Amnesty? which stemmed from the apprehension that Limbaugh would be deferential in interviewing key Treason Lobby asset Marco Rubio.

These fears have been to some degree borne out as Slate (admittedly “keeping up the skeer”) gloated in its tendentiously headlined Limbaugh to Rubio on Immigration Reform: "What You Are Doing is Admirable and Noteworthy." By David Weigel Jan 29, 2013

Accurately observing

Sen. Marco Rubio has an advantage that few Republicans can claim: They want to win the presidency, and they think he's got what it takes to do it. So he's uniquely able to go onto conservative media and calm down the table-bangers. They don't want to make him look bad!

Weigel happily notes the numerous times Rubio was allowed to dodge hard questions

Rubio found his out…punted Rubio…After only a few minutes, Limbaugh was letting Rubio off the hook… What you are doing is admirable and noteworthy," Limbaugh said. "You are recognizing reality. I'm just worried the president is trying to change reality."

That teed up Rubio for some inspiring wordplay about America and freedom…

Earlier in the morning Rubio was similarly rolling Mark Levin

After Rubio went on the show, Levin started talking calmer about reform.

None of this squares with reality. The new Rubio proposals as I pointed out in Rubio Swings Left, Supports Amnesty, Open Borders - Wall Street Journal Cheers are straight Cheap Labor/Treason Lobby wish list – No Border Fence promise , No Birthright Citizenship reform, expanded immigration both of unskilled and skilled, guest workers and for existing illegals - Amnesty for "most of them”. They are directly aimed at facilitating the political transformation of America.

Maybe Limbaugh felt adapting to this new Rubio stance would be too much for the slower-witted of his audience to handle, after so many months of GOP Establishment grooming. readers, however, have always known that Rubio’s patriotic credentials were flimsy as Washington Watcher detailed for us even before the Senate election: GOP Insurgents Rubio, Hoffman Have The Right Enemies—But The Wrong, Treason Lobby, Friends

The Washington Post is tenderly solicitous for their new ally in Marco Rubio’s big immigration gamble by Chris Cillizza January 29, 2013. But they recognize that his managers are right to deploy him now:

“What killed immigration reform when Bush ’43 tried it was radio talk,” said one veteran Republican strategist granted anonymity to speak candidly. “We don’t know if that will happen again, so far they’ve been subdued…

Senator Rubio… provides some inoculation to the downside risk because he has ‘street cred’ with the coalition of the party that has the greatest concern about this issue,” said Rob Jesmer, former executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee

Rubio’s new and blatantly Open Borders stance ought to destroy this (doubtfully earned) “street cred”

Personally I agree with WaPost commenter dogbus22

May as well just join the dems, Rubio. We know your allegiance - like all hispanics - is to hispanics first, and not to the country in which you prospered.


Patriots do not need Rubio. The do need patriotic Talk Radio

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