Canada's SunTV Needs Help Of Canadian Readers
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Canada's Michael Coren of SunTV is frequently referenced in our blog, because he's either talking about some of the side-effects of Muslim immigration, or because he's now just about the only television talking head willing to interview Peter Brimelow.

That's right, SunTV is providing content that is not only unavailable on other Canadian channels, but that American TV is afraid to feature. See, for example this recent one, where Brimelow discusses Enoch Powell:

When Peter Brimelow got this blast email from Kristin Sims of SunTV asking people to blog in support of their petition to the CRTC (the Canadian equivalent of the FCC), he wrote back to caution her that a blog in support would probably bring in attacks from loonies on the other side, but she apparently doesn't care, so here it is:


If you are in a rush please go to this site, read it and sign the petition if you agree that Sun News Network needs fair carriage.The future of Sun News Network depends on it, this is do or die for us: If you have a few minutes to spare us, please read on.....

If you are getting this email that means that you watch Sun News Network and you and I have corresponded over the last year and a half.

Many of you are dedicated viewers of Sun News and have told me things like:

"I finally have a voice on Canadian television." and "Thank you for covering news and stories that nobody else does."

Whether it's defending the rights of Canadians to own firearms, to parent their own children or to protect their own property, SUN has been there like no other news team.

From helping track down and deport violent thugs who have slipped into Canada illegally to demanding accountability from our courts, SUN has been there.

SUN has been the one to wade into the angry mobs of Occupy and Idle No More and "pro Palestine" rallies to find out what they are really all about.

We talk about things like faith, hunting, fishing, military service, MMA, wrestling and action films. We call terrorists TERRORISTS.

We honour the men and women in the Canadian ARMED Forces and we respect our traditional allies in Great Britain and the United States.

We cover politics on Parliament Hill by leaving the press gallery pack and presenting a different side.

My coworkers and I come to work every day ready to fight and to tell YOUR stories - because they are our stories too: We come from where you are from and we are proud of it .

Well, now Sun News Network needs YOUR help to stay on TV.

Based on our placement on the dial, we are only available in 4 out of 10 homes .

We are asking for the same carriage that CBC Newsworld and CTV NewsNET had when they launched.

We want to be available for all Canadians so they can choose to watch us.

Right now the CRTC is considering our request for better carriage and channel placement.

Could you please take the time to write a letter and mail it by post to the CRTC?

Could you ask your friends and family to do the same?

Deadline is February 20th




Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0N2

Please state whether or not you want to appear at the public hearing and include this reference number: 2012-0687-1

Please tell the CRTC that you value Sun News and that you support our application for mandatory carriage.

I have attached instructions for writing to the CRTC, please share them with everyone who wants to write a letter.

Thank you so very much for watching our network.



Kris Sims

National Reporter

Atlantic Bureau

Sun News Network

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @kris_sims


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