Can One Party Unite The Working Class And The Executive Class?
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I wrote last week in Taki’s Magazine:

I’m not sure if the inevitable economic conflicts between management and labor within the modern GOP can ever really be squared in the long term.

How many parties around the world succeed at representing both the working class and the executive class?

Perhaps the most successful at squaring this circle is Likud, which is just now back in power under Bibi Netanyahu for the umpty-umpth time. How does Likud do it?

One suggestion is that Likud does it by being Israel’s party that unifies around promoting racism against the whitest whites in Israel, the founding stock European Ashkenazi.

What would be the American equivalent? It would be a party striving to unify everybody who resents post-Puritan northerners, to use the Albion’s Seed category. Call the bad guys “Mayflower descendants.” (Perhaps this is what Mencius Moldbug is up to?) Build a Bakersfield Coalition of rednecks, Latinos, and big owners.

I’m doubtful of it working, but it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on Israeli politicians, who tend to be, whatever else you might say about them, quite good at practical politics.

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