California Citizens Remain Displeased about Mexican Invasion
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If the useless politicians in Sacramexico thought voter anger over our state's ongoing Mexifornication would conveniently (for them) evaporate into the San Francisco fog, guess again: unrestrained immigration anarchy is a top concern.

California voters are becoming increasingly pessimistic, with immigration issues topping their worries, according to a new Field Poll released Friday. [...]

In the new poll, 21 percent of voters named immigration and border control as their top concern - well ahead of public schools (13 percent) and the economy (9 percent).

"There's a lot of reasons, but when we see concerns about the economy, we usually see a spike on immigration, too," said Jaime Regalado, director of the Pat Brown Institute of Public Affairs at California State University Los Angeles. "It's a pocketbook issue - but it's an issue that has just not gone away." [...]

A Field Poll from July 2006 found that even during better economic times, 58 percent of Californians believed the problem of illegal immigration was a serious one; with 71 percent saying the number of federal agents patrolling the border should be increased. [Going negative: 42% of state's voters say state headed downward, San Francisco Chronicle 11/3/07]

Liberal pundits like to blame the public's concern on economic issues only, an analysis that is adequate enough for newspaper work. Pocketbook worries (like the billions of dollars we taxpayers are forced to spend on illegal alien social services) are indeed genuine, along with concerns over resource shortages, falling educational quality and worsening crime.

However, the desire to protect the Ameria's cultural heritage and maintain our national identity runs far deeper. No loyal citizen wants to live in Mexifornia. We want Mexicans to return to the land of their birth and even do some home improvements on their lovely country.

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