British Army Combat Training (?) / Tests (?) to be Gender and Age Neutral Because "The Enemy Does Not Discriminate"
September 23, 2018, 08:34 AM
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From The Telegraph:

Press-ups and sit-ups dropped from new gender neutral Army training

“Press-ups” are what Americans call push-ups.

Dominic Nicholls Steve Bird Duarte Dias, video producer Charlotte Krol, video producer
22 SEPTEMBER 2018 • 9:49AM

For centuries, young soldiers have been “thrashed” in a hell for leather fitness test to prove they were at the peak of physical strength and battle ready. But in a new scientific overhaul of basic training, the British Army revealed yesterday that combat training will become “gender and age neutral” – because the enemy does not care what sex or how old a soldier is.

Here’s the URL:

Fortunately, Britain’s next war is scheduled with the Oberlin College gender studies department.

Perhaps, though, the Telegraph is pulling one’s leg? In contrast, the Daily Mail makes it sound like the new gender neutrality is reserved for fitness tests, which would make the tests harder for women to pass.

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