Breaking News in the NYT: A 45-Year-Old Video Clip from a PBS Documentary Shows White Children Being Mean to Black Children!
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From the New York Times news (i.e., not so new and often downright antiquarian) section:

A Racist Attack on Children Was Taped in 1975. We Found Them.

A snippet of the documentary “Rosedale: The Way It Is” has ricocheted across the internet, upending for another generation New York City’s narrative as a bastion of tolerance.

A Racist Attack Was Caught on Camera. Nearly 45 Years Later, It Still Stings.

By Sarah Maslin Nir
June 21, 2020, 5:00 p.m. ET

The video rolls on a sunny suburban street, and a group of black children bike toward what looks to them like a parade — there’s a small crowd, and an American flag. Suddenly, they’re swarmed by a group of white children, who hurl racial epithets and rocks. Adults gathered nearby do nothing.

The black children had bicycled straight into a white supremacist rally.

The scene captured in 1975 by “Bill Moyers Journal,” a PBS documentary series, has echoes of the racist clashes more than a decade earlier in places like Selma, Ala., Birmingham, Ala., and Little Rock, Ark. But it unfolded in New York City, in the bedroom community of Rosedale in Queens, nearly a dozen years after the Civil Rights Act was made law.

Forty-five years later, that virulent two-minute, 20-second snippet of the documentary, “Rosedale: The Way It Is,” resurfaced online, shared last year by a graduate student, and boomeranged across the internet.

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