Radio Derb Transcript Up For May 22 : China’s Totalitarian Theater, Economic Pincers, And Sputnik Moment, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for May 22. Go here to read or listen.


01m28s  Totalitarian theater.  (China's "legislature" assembles.)

06m16s  China's economic pincer.  (An end to blithe rope-selling.)

10m34s  Land of the Lie.  (It's what commies do.)

14m11s  A Sputnik Moment?  (A nation sufficiently united.)

22m29s  Blackety-black news.  (The depths of Goodwhite denial.)

33m15s  Who you calling "morbidly obese"?  (I got it wrong.)

35m21s  Joe Biden's Veep pick.  (Take my advice, Joe.)

36m53s  Neil Munro hits one out of the park.  (The H-1B scam.)

37m44s  The false azure in the windowpane.  (Avicide in Manhattan.)

40m29s  Signoff.  (With some Bluegrass.)

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