Bloomberg View And "Nativist Fantasies"—Commenters Aren't Fooled
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Billionaire Michael Bloomberg owns a number of enterprises that make money. I don't know if Bloomberg View is one of them, but it certainly presses his pro-immigration views. (He's one of the “Billionaires for Open Borders”—with no apparent feeling for what that would do to America.)

Republicans' New Immigration Agenda

By The Editors, Bloomberg View, October 28, 2014

It was January 2014, six months after the Senate had overwhelmingly passed immigration reform, when Speaker of the House John Boehner said, "It's time to deal with it." He never did. Come this January, when Boehner will in all likelihood have a stronger majority of his own and a Republican Senate to play with, he will have a chance to right this wrong.

It won't be easy. Momentum has shifted from the pro-immigrant camp of Senators John McCain of Arizona and Marco Rubio of Florida to the vitriolic corner of Representative Steve King of Iowa. Nativist fantasies have run wild in some Republican campaigns this fall. In such an environment, comprehensive immigration legislation is unlikely. Still, Republicans may be able to muster support for a couple of measures to ease the immigration mess.[More, links in original.]

This is pretty nasty stuff—especially the part about "nativist fantasies", which appears to mean enforcing the law.

One commenter—of 421 when I looked just now—puts it this way:

Secure the border, then deal with it. That's my "nativist fantasy". What loser at Bloomberg came up with that term?
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