Mayor Bloomberg: Native-Born Americans Lazy And Stupid
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NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg's appearance at Senator Specter's Pro Amnesty jamboree in Philadelphia on Wednesday was fawningly and extensively presented by the MSM. He needed their help. A more careless account by the rabidly gung-ho-immigration New York newspaper Newsday allowed this foot-in-mouth comment to appear:

Bloomberg brought the world-view of a city of 8.1 million residents, many of them immigrants, legal and illegal.

He spoke of the importance of immigrants to the city's vitality, and even urged the senators to expand the number of visas for temporary workers to fill jobs requiring both "elbow grease" and "intellectual capital." [ emphasis]

(Mayor's stand on immigration by Tom Brune July 6 2006)

His fellow Americans will no doubt be flattered at the implications of this statement, the corollary of which is my headline.

Newsday condescendingly dismisses far more valuable testimony:

Hazleton, Pa., Mayor Louis Barletta brought a small-town view to the table. His city of 31,000 residents wants a crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

Strangely, Barletta's account got very limited coverage except by small newspapers in his locality, notably this far more professional account:

Different cities, different views: Barletta, Bloomberg testify before U.S. Senate committee By L.A. Tarone, Standard-Speaker July 8,2006

Not surprisingly, the heavily top-down edited news-selection service which is part of the Bloomberg media empire just published a major negative account of Pennsylvannia Senator Rick Santorum's use of immigration in his tough re-election battle:

Santorum, Trailing in Re-Election Bid, Seeks to 'Shake Up' Race (July 7, 2006,

It helps to own the Main Stream Media!

It is sad that plutocrat Bloomberg puts his own convenience before the interests of his less wealthy countrymen (like other rich people), and sadder to get this sense of how he despises them. It is even worse to read he is thinking of running for President! (Could this have been why Arlen Specter invited him to testify?)

Complain to Mayor Bloomberg.

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