"Billionaires for Open Borders" in Latest Social Contract Journal
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tsc24_4_t200[1]Ask your friendly neighborhood open borders booster why he's on the same sheet of music as a billionaire. Is he even aware of the connection?

Those who claim to be concerned about poverty and social inequality and such things ought to be alerted to the fact that influential billionaires (of both the "left" and the "right") are pushing for mass immigration. They form an important (and monetarily valuable) component of the open borders alliance. This is a fact that needs to be more widely noised abroad.

If you need ammunition for such a discussion, check out the latest Social Contract Journal. This issue's theme is "Billionaires for Open Borders".

The issue contains various articles on the inordinate influence wielded by such billionaires as George Soros, the Koch Brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Rupert Murdoch, Sheldon Adelson and Michael Bloomberg on U.S. immigration policy. There are even two articles about Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, one of them by yours truly. I recommend you take a look at this Social Contract issue, and share it with others. It's available online, just click right here: Billionaires for Open Borders.

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