Bloomberg At Stanford Commencement Demands Further Impoverishment Of American Graduates
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H/T One Old Vet

The profoundly unpleasant Mayor Michael Bloomberg is rather a favorite here at because of the refreshingly direct way in which he expresses his hatred and contempt for his fellow Americans and the abrasive selfishness of his lust for accelerated immigration.

All of this was on display this weekend at the Stanford University Commencement: Bloomberg advises grads on immigration reform SF Gate Sunday, June 16, 2013

Standing before a packed Stanford Stadium on Sunday, Bloomberg noted that about 30 percent of the university's 5,000 graduates had attended Stanford on student visas, but that many of them without a way to work legally here would return to their home countries

Anyone familiar with even moderately fashionable Colleges is aware that an astonishingly large number of places have gone in recent years to the children of the corrupt nomenklatura of foreign countries, frequently from Asia. Maybe this is simply the result of fee maximizing by greedy admissions offices, but the effect has been to further reduce access to these schools by the children of white Christian America, already pressured as they are by Affirmative Action, and, as Ron Unz has documented, systematic overrepresentation of American Jews.

There is no hardship involved in expecting these privileged foreigners to go home. Instead Bloomberg wants to exacerbate the intensifying student loan crisis and the appalling youth unemployment problem by encouraging them to stay.

SFGate commenter JohnFHudson wisely says

It is appropriate that Bloomberg should deliver this speech at the alma mater of choice for the limousine liberal set. Few Stanford grads will have to worry about having to compete with foreigners for jobs. Stanfordites are among those who will get richer with the cheap labor. Their legacy pull will be tested, however, when these foreigners try to get their kids into Stanford in 20 years.

I can only repeat what I said in Gang Of 8 Wants Unlimited Immigration Of Graduate Professionals!

The vicious selfishness of the perpetrators of this measure at the expense of their own countrymen is absolutely breathtaking.


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