Blacklisted Authors Buchanan And Williams Compare Notes
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Juan Williams interviewed Pat Buchanan in the video below on the subject of censorship. Both have been fired from their respective news organizations, Williams from NPR and Buchanan from MSNBC.

Buchanan recounted a recent media history of shows like CNN’s Crossfire, where very different views were aired. Now that attitude of freedom of inquiry has disappeared and has been replaced with an ethos of blacklisting. Leftist groups watch conservatives in media appearances, looking for any phrase deemed objectionable that can be attacked. Then the censors pile on their accusations of racism, Islamophobia, etc.

Juan Williams has become more attuned to free speech issues after his abrupt firing by NPR. He remarked, “I understand the poison that comes into the American domain when what you are saying is ruled out of bounds and you are viewed as someone who is not welcome into the mainstream of American ideas.”

The conversation also explored the loss of assimilation among immigrants, particularly Mexicans who have acted more like invaders than persons who want to become Americans.

In addition, Buchanan noted the unfairness of Washington admitting a million legal immigrants annually when so many Americans are still unemployed.

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