"A Wonderful...Very Tough...Courageous Book"- Pat Buchanan On Peter Brimelow's Alien Nation
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Yesterday Pat Buchanan praised Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation (free download here)

A wonderful book, a very tough, I think courageous book, Alien Nation…which I’ve cited in my own works...

That happened on C-Span’s Washington Journal yesterday: link here. At 28:47 (use Timeline feature) “Loretta from Cleveland” who sounds like a Black woman attempts to smear Rick Santorum (!) with “meeting” with Peter and Bob Vandervoort

White Nationalists, Racists…Klansmen, Racists, I really don’t know how to clarify (VDARE.com:sic) them…

Pat’s reply is on the Timeline at 30:12.

The woman’s reference must be to the CPAC Conference at which Peter spoke

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