THE ROOT: "The 5 Types of 'Becky'"
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From The Root, the online black magazine owned by Hillary financier Haim Saban’s Univision:

The 5 Types of ‘Becky’

Michael Harriot 8/29/17 3:10pm Filed to: BECKY

… Not all white women are Beckys, but all Beckys are white women. … And after much discussion, our experts came up with five subgroups into which all Beckys can be categorized.


This is the standard, off-the shelf Becky with no adornments, around whom the entire world revolves. When “alt-righters” recite the 14 words, “Because the beauty of the white Aryan woman must not perish from the earth,” this is about whom they are talking. This is for whom they made Forever 21. This is for whom they make Pantene hair conditioner. This is for whom they made America.

… She begins every sentence with “Well, actually … ” She hates the term “Becky.”

Identifying call: “Well, actually, my name is Rebecca.”

Famous Rebeccas: Taylor Swift; Megyn Kelly; the girl in your study group who makes an A while doing none of the work.


The most innocent of all Beckys, she volunteers at the local Boys & Girls Club teaching underprivileged youths. She voted for Barack Obama. She wears a safety pin and has a Black Lives Matter T-shirt. One of Becca’s best friends is black. She is an “ally.” Did I mention she voted for Barack Obama? …

Identifying call: “I voted for Barack Obama. Twice.”

Famous Beccas: Hillary Clinton; Katy Perry; white women who work at “nonprofits.”


Part of the privilege of Beckydom rests in its members’ unflagging belief that everything belongs to them. For this subset of Beckys, culture, history and black penis are all disposable commodities for them to use and discard at their whim. …

Identifying call: “I dated a black guy in college.”

Famous Beckeishas: Anyone with the last name “Kardashian”; Miley Cyrus; Rachel Dolezal; white girls who twerk.


Reba believes in equality. Reba is a feminist. Reba is “woke.”

Reba believes in a woman’s right to choose and wore a pink pussy hat to the Women’s March, but Reba believes all lives matter. …

Identifying call: “Not all white women … ”

Famous Rebas: Amy Schumer; Lena Dunham; Jezebel readers.

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