Blacks (Including Lady "Civil Rights" Lawyers) Much Less Supportive Of Free Speech Than Whites
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Blacks (including "civil rights" lawyers, like the black woman who gloated about supressing Richard Spencer, below) are much less supportive of free speech than whites. The chart above is from a November 30, 2017 post by Audacious Epigone headed Free speech absolutism.  This chart is from a similar, earlier, post titled Free speech and the Coalition of the Fringes


Then there's this: Free Thought Is for White People, [May 2, 2018] by Professional Black Michael Harriot, at Professional Black website


The problem is that blacks see the government as their ally, supressing grass roots white speech, as it has been since the Civil Rights era. They want to keep it that way to ensure victory over whites. The principle of freedom of speech doesn't interest them at all.


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