Black:White School Suspension Ratios by State
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The following map and table were constructed using data collected during the 2011-2012 school year, covering American PreK-12 students during that time. They show the ratio of black students to white students given out-of-school suspension at least once during the course of the year, by state (except for Hawaii):

State B:W
District of Columbia 12x
Wisconsin 9x
Connecticut 8x
Minnesota 7x
Nebraska 6x
Missouri 6x
Iowa 6x
Pennsylvania 5x
Illinois 5x
South Dakota 5x
Utah 5x
Kansas 5x
Tennessee 5x
Indiana 4x
Texas 4x
Michigan 4x
New Jersey 4x
Ohio 4x
Oklahoma 4x
Georgia 4x
Arkansas 4x
Colorado 4x
Massachusetts 4x
Alabama 4x
Nevada 4x
North Carolina 3x
Wyoming 3x
California 3x
New Hampshire 3x
Oregon 3x
Delaware 3x
Mississippi 3x
Virginia 3x
Alaska 3x
Kentucky 3x
Rhode Island 3x
Arizona 3x
South Carolina 3x
Florida 3x
Louisiana 3x
New Mexico 3x
Washington 3x
Maryland 3x
Maine 3x
West Virginia 2x
Montana 2x
Idaho 2x
New York 2x
Vermont 2x
North Dakota 2x


Though the results come from a pool covering 49 million students, the DOE report rounds rates to the nearest full percentage. I’ve consequently done the same with displayed ratios. The states are however still ranked in the table by non-rounded ratios.

It’s worth noting that these school suspension disparities are considerably narrower than are the disparities in violent crime among black and white adults.

A few other interesting gleaned insights:

  • Black girls are twice as likely to be suspended as white boys.
  • Black boys are twenty times as likely to be suspended as Asian girls.
  • English language learners are one-third less likely than English speakers to be suspended. For conservatives afraid of mentioning race, this means open borders is one way to make schools orderly again!

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