Biden's Border Crisis Diversion: The REAL Threat Is From Legal Immigration
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I'm developing a theory about the new administration's immigration policy. It's still half-baked, but let me try it out on you.

I'm sure you have seen the stories about our Southern border. The news has gone out that it's open for business, and the customers are pouring in at the rate of three or four thousand a day.

It's not just Central Americans, either. That news has gone out to the four corners of the Earth. Police and military forces have been struggling to repel a caravan of 400 aspiring illegal aliens from Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Senegal, all in West Africa, Haiti in the Caribbean, and Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, all of course in South Asia. That's a real United Nations there struggling to cross the border.

Oh,I forgot to tell you which border. This is the border between Peru and Brazil. This assortment of Africans, Caribbeans, and South Asians got themselves to Peru somehow—just by flying there, I'd guess—and are trying to get into Brazil so they can get into Colombia and thence to Central America and up to the U.S.A.

Why didn't they just fly into Brazil, or Colombia, or one of the Central American countries? I guess because Peru has the easiest visas … but wait through a few more weeks of Biden administration border controls, and you'll be able to ask them in person.

Biden's people are insouciant. Asked at a White House briefing on Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas told us there is no crisis at the border. Actual quote:

I think there is a challenge at the border that we are managing, and we have our resources dedicated to managing it.

Plainly, though, it's chaos down there on the border, and getting worse. Are Biden's people really so dumb they can't see what a disaster this is? Not just for the U.S.A., of course, as if they gave a flying Senegali about that, but for their party's own political future?

Perhaps not. Perhaps this is not stupidity, but four-dimensional chess.

So here's my theory. What the managerial class wants is of course to crush the American worker and replace him with a cheaper foreigner. The real money to be made there, though, is not with fruit-pickers, meat-packers, and children's nannies. The real money is with big tech corporations and their skilled employees.

Translation to immigration-speak: The real money is in legal immigration.

Remember those stories about IT programmers at Disney, AT&T, and other companies being forced to train their cheaper foreign replacements under threat of losing their severance packages? You were probably outraged when you heard about that—as was Donald Trump, until Jared explained to him that it was all jolly good for the economy.

Our ruling classes weren't outraged. On the contrary, their mouths were watering. That's the way to stick it to those damn spoiled Deplorables, they were saying to each other. Let's have some more of this!

How to get more of it, though? The lobbyists and immigration lawyers have done their best with bogus "training schemes" and expansion of guest-worker visa programs. Propagandists have ramped up their "nation of immigrants" rhetoric. More needs to be done, though.

While they figure out what more, and how, why not set up a major diversion? Since they don't want people thinking about legal immigration, why not flood the airwaves with panicky stories about illegal immigration? A middle-class voter can only give so much attention to the immigration issue. Better he should be thinking about the Southern border than about the young guy from Bangalore with a forged college degree coming to take his job.

It's a big distraction, see? Something to fret about and argue about while the elites pick our pockets.

That's my theory. Mull over it, please. Then mull over it again the next time some politician or talking head tells you how of course he has no problem with legal immigration, but this mess at the Southern border, well, …

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