Biden Rush: Illegal Border Crossing Numbers Down Slightly, But Still Amazingly High—Highest October In 22 Years!
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These are not November's numbers, which the Biden Administration will no doubt release on the third Friday in December (the fourth Friday this month is Christmas Eve) but October's:

In October I wrote:

Usually the border crossing numbers from last month are released near the beginning, or in the middle, of the month, often on a Friday,  the traditional day for burying bad news. This time, they were released on October 22, the fourth Friday of a five-Friday month.

These figures were released on November 15, 2021.

The numbers are down slightly, but are still enormous compared to what Trump achieved in stopping illegals.

The Center for Immigration Studies points out that even if they are lower than September, these are still the highest October crossing numbers in 22 years.


October Border Numbers Drop Slightly — But Are Still Historically High
Yet, the president has done nothing to stem the tide. Does Biden care?

By Andrew R. Arthur on November 17, 2021 

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