Why Is Mayorkas Letting So Many Criminals And Terrorists Into The United States? Because It's His Job
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From Breitbart:

As if Mayorkas would ever answer sincerely about why he’s letting so many criminals and terrorists into the United States.  He truly seems bent on destroying the middle class through the importation of cheap labor.

He doesn’t seem to care about the collateral damage he causes by illegal invaders participating in scams, robberies, rapes, and murders.  I’m sure if asked he would say “Americans commit scams, robberies, rapes, and murders too.”  Y’know, whataboutism, what about when Americans do it?  As if having our own murderers justifies the import of foreign ones.  Apparently, they aren’t just killing Americans, they’re killing law enforcement canines too.

Here’s another one involving armed squatters released  by Mayorkas:

Another day, another immigrant outrage.

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