Admitting Palestinians Would Be Disastrous. Denmark Has The Numbers
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On Friday, a very powerful (705,000 followers) Twitter/X account called Visegrad 24 posted-

Visegrad 24 posted two sources: one of which [PDF] which is the official response by the Ministry of Immigration and Integration to a question from the Danish Parliament’s Immigration and Integration Committee and

Palæstinensere er endt i kriminalitet og på offentlig forsørgelse

To tredjedele af dem, der fik opholdstilladelse med palæstinenserloven, har været på kant med loven, viser opgørelse. ”Nedtrykkende,” lyder det fra minister

By Kim Kristensen, Netavisen Pio, September 22, 2020

Google Translate renders this as

Palestinians have ended up in crime and on public welfare.

Two-thirds of those who received a residence permit under the Palestinian law have run afoul of the law, the report shows. ”Depressing,” says the minister.

Netavisen Pio is aligned with the leftish Danish Social Democrats.

This particular group of Palestinians were refugees initially in Lebanon. They got onto Denmark and after a major Sob campaign discussed in Netavisen Pio’s first paragraph were given Residence Permits.

Disasters like these explain the extraordinary evolution of Danish politics as I discussed in Denmark Produces Immigration Patriot Leftist (!) Female (!!) Prime Minister. What Can U.S. Learn?

This quoted a REMIX article

The Danish left-wing government … continues to be unique in all of Europe, featuring the only ruling left-wing bloc seriously opposed to mass immigration.

and went on to say-

…the more important question is: Why has this happened?

A great deal of credit is due to the much-reviled Danish People’s Party, which established immigration as an election issue more than 20 years ago…

Not only did the main leftist party, the Social Democrats, promptly steal their policies, but when coming to power in 2019 they actually implemented them!

Of immediate importance is that Denmark has the numbers. The Remix piece said-

While countries like Germany are racing to hide migrant crime, Denmark has the most transparent data on the topic of nearly any country in the Western world. It not only tracks migrant crime but also breaks down this data between European and non-European offenders. [Link in original]

According to the data, non-European migrants commit vastly more crimes than European migrants and Danish citizens:

Not only are non-European migrants vastly overrepresented in the crime data, but for certain serious offenses like murder, assault, and rape, the overrepresentation is astounding.

For example, for murder, non-European first-generation migrants are 279 percent more likely to commit murder, 464 percent more likely to commit rape, 220 percent more likely to commit assault, and 53 percent more likely to commit drug trafficking.

Remix adds an interesting fact:

Denmark goes even further and analyzes second-generation non-European migrants as well, and that is where even more troubling statistics are revealed…

“From the second generation, the descendants of non-European immigrants peak at +98% overrepresentation in the crimes committed. Danish figures show that the second generation of non-European immigrants is less integrated than the first, and has an 18% higher chance than their parents of being tried for a crime,” writes RAGE magazine.

For these Danish Palestinians as of 2020 this was not the case. But their Danish-born children must on average been quite young. Three years have probably made quite a difference.

I am mystified that the well-funded and un-Letitia James–harassed  Inside the Beltway Immigration Restraint outfits—FAIR, CIS and NumbersUSA—have not gotten hold of these Danish statistics, which are in the public domain, and publicized them.

In any case, the Danish numbers demonstrate that non-European immigration is a crime disaster. Palestinians make a full contribution. And that is even before considering that Denmark has only 6,400 Jews (0.01% if the population) compared to a far more visible 1.7% in America. This group is certain to get the attention of enraged Palestinians.

Palestinian (or indeed any Muslim) immigration is a catastrophe for America.

We have quite enough trouble with our blacks.

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