Biden Points Out African-Americans Are Less Diverse Than Hispanics
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One problem with being as old as Joe Biden is that you remember what words used to mean, not what they mean today. When Joe was building his vocabulary, “diverse” meant “showing a great deal of variety.”

So, Joe thinks, Hispanics are really diverse: some arrived in the U.S. yesterday, some have had ancestors in New Mexico for 400 years; some are white, some black, some that other thing; some speak only Spanish, some speak only English. In contrast, African Americans (with the exception of immigrant blacks) have a pretty homogeneous culture. Ergo, in the U.S., Hispanics are more diverse than blacks on the whole.

Poor Joe doesn’t grasp that “diverse” doesn’t mean variety anymore, it means holiness. And blacks are the holiest in the new religion of “Black is best and white is worst.” So of course blacks aren’t going to put up with Joe saying they are less diverse than Hispanics.

At the moment, the media won’t give any fuel to Joe’s regular Kinsley Gaffes in which he blurts out various truths for fear of helping Trump. But what is Biden’s life going to be like if he beats Trump and becomes America’s number one Cishet White Male?

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