The Future of US Politics: PoC vs. Zionist
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Back in 2015, I pointed out that on California campuses, such as UCLA, student government politics offer an interesting foreshadowing of future American politics, with the dividing line often coming down to PoC vs. Zionist.

This summer at USC, the student body president, Truman Fritz, a white guy who looks like a less butch Neil Patrick Harris, was forced out for, as far as I can tell, being white. And now his VP Rose Ritch is out, claiming anti-Semitic harassment:

I have been harassed and pressured for weeks by my fellow students because they opposed one of my identities. It is not because I am a woman, nor because I identify as queer, femme, or cisgender.

“Queer, femme, [and] cisgender” Rose looks like a LUG: Lesbian Until Graduation, after which she’ll briefly lose 15 pounds, find a nice entertainment lawyer to marry, and move to Calabasas for the Good Schools for their two kids, Joshua and Hannah.

All of these identities qualified me as electable when the student body voted last February. But because I also openly identify as a Zionist, a supporter of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, I have been accused by a group of students of being unsuitable as a student leader. I have been told that my support for Israel has made me complicit in racism, and that, by association, I am racist. Students launched an aggressive social media campaign to “impeach [my] Zionist a**.” This is antisemitism, and cannot be tolerated at a University that proclaims to “nurture an environment of mutual respect and tolerance”.

I suspect that Schumer, Brin, Bloomberg, and Zuckerberg assume that on the morning of November 4, 2020, they will get on the phone with Soros, Sulzberger, and Zucker, declare “Mission Accomplished,” and persuade them to cut off all funding and publicity to the crazies, and everything will be back to normal by November 6 at the latest.

Well, maybe.

Time will tell.

The future shall be full of interest.

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