Biden Mob PROMOTING Darien Gap Influx! Where Is GOP?
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On June 27 I posted WALL STREET JOURNAL Supplies Justification: Seize Darien Gap To Cut Immivasion!. This linked to Masses of Migrants Overwhelm Panama’s Darién Gap, by Santiago Perez, WSJ, June 26,2023.

In general, the WSJ article was the standard sob piece about how tough it is for these poor immivaders to make their way through this notoriously rugged (though small) area on their way to steal better living standards from the American people: ZEROHEDGE: All Post-COVID Job Growth Scarfed Up By Immigrants—No Surprise To Readers.

I did commend the WSJ for providing statistics demonstrating Darien Gap crossings are greatly accelerating—maybe up 40% this year. Also for tastelessly noting that the locals are making fortunes off the traffic.

To my chagrin, subsequently reviewing Darien Gap news, I see that the traitors in the Biden Administration must have been rolling around laughing if their daily Political Police briefing included my piece.

In fact, the Biden mob have been working hard to make this crossing easier.    

In a totally deceitful headline Panama launches U.S.-backed operation to stop flow of migrants (Juan Zamorano, June 2, 2023), the Los Angeles Times reported:

Panama will dedicate some 1,200 immigration agents, border police and members of the naval air service to what it said will be an air, land and sea effort. The targets will not be the hundreds of migrants traversing the dense jungle each day, but the organized criminal groups that prey on and profit from them...

Officials dismissed any suggestion of closing the border. emphasis.

The root of this betrayal of American interests is found in another Los Angeles Times article, with almost as dishonest a headline: How Panama plans to stop migrant-smuggling through the perilous Darien Gap, by Juan Zamorano and Christopher Sherman, June 5, 2023.

There will be more aerial patrols with U.S.-donated helicopters and more specialized border police units to root out gangs operating along the shared border with Colombia. It is the first public sign of the coordinated efforts promised by Panama, Colombia and the United States in April. U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas met then with the foreign ministers of Panama and Colombia in Panama City.

Anything involving the Cuban-Jewish Mayorkas, the Darth Vader of the Biden Mob’s Immivasion betrayal, is by definition bad for America. This individual appears to have no more American patriotism than he has American blood in his veins. Everything he has done since assuming office has been intended to maximize the influx of non-whites into America, with total indifference to law:  To Repeat: Impeach Mayorkas Already! Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!

On July 1 EFE/La Prensa Latina reported Migration through Darién Gap quadruples in the first half of 2023.

The plan is now clear. The Biden Mob is facilitating the flow of immivaders through the dangerous Darien Gap (with heartless disregard for their safety). All these sob stories are doubtless intended to promote a CBP One app for people from the western side of Latin America—Columbia, Peru and Ecuador. (After Venezuela, immivasion recruits to the east are sparse until southern Brazil, some thousands of miles away.) Probably free transport to America will be next.

Perhaps the low fruit in Mexico and Central America has been shaken loose.

On Wednesday the Gatestone Institute, which does such invaluable work on Muslim depredations in Europe [How Sweden Became a Gangster's Paradise, by Peder Jensen, June 2, 2023] posted a piece Should US Troops Stay in Syria?,  by Lawrence A. Franklin, July 5, 2023. This argues that America should maintain what is supposedly a low 4-figure force of soldiers and mercenaries in Syria to prevent Iran helping friends there and in Lebanon.

How on earth can this compare with the need to stop the immivasion via the Darien Gap?




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