Best Radio Show: The Terry Anderson Show
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Last night I spent about an hour in studio with the famous Terry Anderson—and I had a blast!

Most readers are more than familiar with his weekly radio show on KRLA AM870 (Sundays 9 PM) but for those of you who are not, you must tune in! Terry is engaging, informative and downright hysterical.

I listen to his show whenever I get the chance and he is by far my fact, one has to wonder why a radio personality of his caliber is not promoted and exalted in the same manner as say, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly.

Hmmm...ask Craig Edwards, Program Manager at KRLA. [Email him]

Crikey, the phone lines were jammed before the show even began which is a bit of a rarity in talk radio. Calls came in from all over California as well as Tennessee, Nevada and Michigan just to name a few far away states.

Like, The Terry Anderson Show is privately funded by listeners which is—as I mentioned on his show last night—a doubled-edged sword.

It is wonderful to not face censorship from some politically correct, NBC-like conglomerate but by the same token, those conglomerates have a lot of money. Support the Terry Anderson Show if you can by clicking here (and, of course here).

P.S. A special "shout out" (keepin' it real) to Les Blenkhorn, producer extraordinaire of the Terry Anderson Show.

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